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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i Personal on XP - Newbie

    I was installing Oracle 9i Personal Edition on my XP and had to give up the PC so my daughter could finish some homework, so I interupted the installation. When I re-started the Install Wizard to install the General Purpose Database, I get to the Configuration screen and it says "The following running Services need to be shutdown before continuing: OracleMTSRecoveryService" When I ignore it or click Cancel, the Installer brings me back to the begining of the installation in the "File Location" screen and gets caught in this loop? Can anyone help me? Are there files that need deleting? How long does the installation take to complete?
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    1) Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services and STOP all Oracle services and the LISTENER (if active)
    2) Continue with Oracle Universal Installer.
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    Thank You LK. That worked just fine. I completed the Installation of 9i on my XP system. Considering the hell I went through last year for my class - this is no small feat.

    Can anyone recommend some reading material (online or book ) that will help me get started? I don't know how to start and stop the database, start SQL*Plus, or add new user accounts. I have to do some reading first.

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    every piece of documentation for oracle is available at

    registration is required, but it is free of charge

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