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    Unanswered: denormalizing a text file after import


    I am currently importing a text file that has been normalized. I need to denormailze the file back into repeating rows...

    The format of the file is

    There is a header row which is valid for all subsequent rows until a new header row appears ..i.e
    The A01 line needs replicating on every line until another A01 is there
    The A02 - A03 line needs replicating on every line until a new A02 or A03 is present

    --- A04|01|02|
    --- A04|02|02|
    -- A03|NEEB|ONST|
    --- A04|01|01|
    --- A04|02|01|
    -- A03|SPOW|ONST|
    -- A03|NEEB|ONST|
    --- A04|01|92|
    --- A04|02|92|
    --- A04|01|00|
    --- A04|02|00|

    The finished record should contain a A01,A02,A03 and A04 then a new record.
    A01|BGAS|200410|BG01|A02|01|E00AA|A03|SPOW|ONST|A0 4|01|02|

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    Try EXACTLY defining your rules ... What you have posted is contradictory ... And given the existing data example, detail a few rows of the resulting data you'd like to see generated.
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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