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    Unanswered: Identify the child record from the same table

    Some of you already know the structure of my DB, since I already post before.
    However, just to get to the point, I’ll describe it again.
    The structure is not as complicated as it looks

    Each mortgage can have a few CEMA’s and a CEMA can belong to multiple mortgages.

    The table “tblMortgageCema” is resolving the Many to Many between the tblMortgage and the tblCema

    My table “tblCema” holds all CEMA’s and its correction.
    (The cema and its correction is group using the same CemaID)

    Here is my business problem

    A Cema can also go into a new Cema (I call it CemaCema) (Which means that the new cema will be linked to all mortgages the first cema was linked to)

    Now, my report has to print a mortgage will all event that happened after that.
    In other words, it will show mortgage1 and it’s first Cema, then it will show the CemaCema for the first Cema (Which is in the same table)

    The question is, how can I Identify on the report which CemaCema belongs to the Cema?

    The reason I didn’t put the CemaCema into a sub table, because there is a lot of other steps that happens with a cema. For instance, a cema or a CemaCema (Which is actually the same as a cema) can have multiple assignments, which is saved in another table.

    Bottom line of the question, is this possible? Or do I have to re design the entire database?

    I would very appreciate any kind of help or any kind of your experience in this situation.
    For your convenience I have attached a sample DB—The frmOrder form gets opened automatically, then open the frmProperty, Double click the first mortgage, and finally add a CemaCema


    If anyone is willing to help me and can email me his phone number, I will very appreciate it. (I defiantly can describe my problem over the phone much clearer)
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