Here’s the problem: I have 12 access tables with from 25 to 80 fields each. There is a common field on all that is Test_Identity.

For my end result I need to export all 12 tables (or queries based on them limiting data to specific dates) and the fields must fall in order, in fixed width text format so that another application can grab them and convert the data to Pic 9, Pic X and Comp 3.

I have them all happly exporting now as separate files, but it would be better if they could be all in one file. Oh, yeah, the challenge is that only the first 2 are limited to one record per instance of the Test_Identity number, the rest being able to have multiple records that must be in line.

Yes, I’ve already pulled most of my hair out over this and I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination a real programmer.