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    Unanswered: Concatenating problem with date


    I need to pass a date, login and password to a webservice. The date will always be the current date but must be in the format ddmmyyyy.

    I have the following

    Dim strCurrentDate

    strCurrentDate = format(now,'ddmmyyyy')

    which gives me the correct value.

    However when I try and concatenate it with the login and password, it gives me the literal value i.e strCurrentDate

    I have something similar to the following:
    datatosend = "strLogin=" &'test_user' "strPassword=" &"password" & strCurrentDate

    I may have got the syntax wrong here. I do not have the program installed on this machine.

    What I get returned is
    strLogin=test_user &strPassword=password&strCurrentDate <----- I do not get the date data returned.

    I hope I have explained the problem well, to receive some answers.

    Kind Regards

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    Try this
    datatosend = "strLogin=" &'test_user' "strPassword=" &"password" & val(strCurrentDate)
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