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    Unanswered: DB2 Crash with ZRC error code

    I am running DB2 8.1 FP 5 on AIX. I have three machines in a HACMP configuration. We had to switch from our 'A' machine to our 'B' machine as primary. My DB2 instance crashed today on my 'B' system. I looked at the diag log and this message kept popping up again and again......

    Unexpected system error 0x24 has occurred.
    This has been mapped to ZRC 0x83000024.

    I can't find 0x83000024 in my DB2 internals document. Any ideas? Thanks


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    0x24 (decimal 36) probably refers to the operating system error code, which can be found in /usr/include/errno.h:
    #define EIDRM   36      /* Identifier removed                   */
    Probably refers to a missing message queue or semaphore...

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