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    Unanswered: Tape Backup Software Recommend?

    I am having some trouble with our Veritas Backup Exec not properly releasing db backup files, & thus interfering with the deleting of old backups.
    We have other servers still needing tape backups implemented and
    I wonder if anyone has a good backup software/hardware system to recommend, that is ideal for database backups, & on the hardware side is reliable?
    Anyone have any to recommend?


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    What version of Backup Exec are you using? Are you backing up the databases using the SQL Server module in Backup Exec? I am currently using BE 9.1 with an LTO Autoloader. I do not use the backup exec SQL Server module. Instead I have a maintenance plan run on SQL Server that creates a .bak file on the server then I back up that file to tape. This is quite effective, as well on my SQL servers I do not use open file agent, because I have had it corrupt running db's before.

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    We do the same thing, use SQL Server to back the db's up to disk. Then let your tape software move those .bak files to tape. We tried using Veritas for SQL backups, and it kept hanging on the backups, sometimes had to reboot to get it to let go, definitely not worth the effort.


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    Ditto here, we create the job to do the backup, then use the "standard" Veritas software to backup the "backup stuff" directory on each server to our weekly tape, and nightly EMC Hardware.
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    We have veritas backing up sql directly but since we're moving to a new cluster, I might take your advice and backup the sql backup. I'd like to see other's opinions.
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