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    Unanswered: informix protocol problem

    hi there !

    im working with a informix se database and wanna access to it with an
    java application. im using the ibm-ifx-driver (com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver).

    my programm only get access to the database with the sesoctcp protocol
    type, so i changed the entry in the sqlhosts from seipcpip to sesoctcp.
    now my program runs fine, when im first execute

    $INFORMIXDIR/lib/sqlexecd demo_se -l /tmp/selog_tli
    but ...
    other applications cant access to the database before im executing sqlexecd
    this way. if the sqlhosts entry is on seipcpip all other aplications are running,
    but then there is no access over the ibm-ifx-driver.

    is there a way to run the jdbc-ifx-driver over seipcpip ?
    (didnt found something in the manual)


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    The only Informix connection type supported by IBM Informix JDBC
    Driver is tcp. Shared memory and other connection types are not supported.
    Same is mentioned in IBM Informix JDBC Prgrammers manual.

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    thx for u΄re answer.
    now also found the tcp part, perhaps
    havent read it while 1st reading.


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