I have strange problem with ORACLE if I use stored procedures, functions over OCI. I did work fine long time and now sometimes system fails with function call with strange errors:
1. 942,ORA-00942: table or view does not exist\LFORA-06512: at "BFDM.OBJECTLOCKTEST", line 8
2. ORA-06550: line 0, column 0:\LFPLS-00907: cannot load library unit BFDM.OBJECTLOCKINSERT (referenced by )

From this moment calls of this function ends always with error:
1003,ORA-01003: no statement parsed

But just few seconds before result is ok!

I call OCI function in this order:
- OCIStmtPrepare
- OCIDefineByPos
- OCIBindByName
- OCIStmtExecute
- OCIStmtFetch
some of these functions fail.

Have you any idea about the reason? What this error exactly means?