Dear All,

I'm new to informix and would like some help in loading data from a fixed length data file to informix via HPL. I've created a table with 3 fields:

Name - Type=Char(10)
Start_Date - Type=Date
Start_Time - Type=Datetime Hours to Seconds

and I have a data file like:

WingWing 20041108001001

where Name = WingWing
Start_DAte=20041108 (2004 Nov 08)
Start_Time=00:10:01 (00 Hr 10 Min 01 Sec)

How can I specify in HPL? I've tried to have the fixed FORMAT to have all Name, Start_Date and StarTime to be specified as CHAR and let the onpload to do the conversion; yet, it doesn't work with the Date and Time. I've also tried to change the DBDATE and DBTIME environment variable; yet, i don't think it works either as the onpload run on a different session.

Please help. Thanks a lot!