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    Unanswered: How does Informix work?


    I have an Informix SE installed on a server. The OS is SuSE Linux 7.2 .
    I looked into the configuration and noticed that no daemon is running. The configuration in the sqlhosts is the following:
    demo_databasename        seipcpip         domainname          sqlexec
    The perl DBI-module does work correctly, but I do not understand exactly how it can work efficiently without the daemon.
    I think I can not get high-performance without a working daemon or I am wrong? Should I change the access by the perl module to use the daemon for better performance?

    I am very thankful for any kind of hints.

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    Wink some infos

    hi torrud!

    your nettype is seipcpip.
    splitted into:
    database server product -> se
    interface type -> ipc
    network protocal -> pip

    ifx se server manual: "The ipc represents a UNIX-based interprocess communication (IPC)
    connection that is used only for local loopback connections."

    therefore no daemon is needed to run for the perl modules,
    because they´re using the local loopback.

    ifx se server manual:"When you use unnamed pipes, the servicename field must contain the name
    of the SE executable file, distributed as sqlexec."

    but i dont know how efficient such unnamed pipes are working, so
    thats just some infos for the beginning


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