Got a problem with a self generated query from VBA by using querydef.

I generated the following query which gives the 3079 error:

Error 3079:
the specified field [SelectedComponents].[Rapportagevolgorde] could refer to more than one table listed in the FROM clause of your SQL statement.
SELECT Components.Component, Data.Channel, ChannelInformation.Description AS ChannelDescription, Data.Result, Units.Unit, SelectedComponents.RapportageVolgorde, DataDescription.Description, DataDescription.ShortDescription, Measurement.Year, Measurement.AcquisitionDate, Measurement.Testcode, Measurement.Method, worklist.Worklist, Samples.SampleName, Samples.SampleLongName, Samples.Location

FROM worklist INNER JOIN (Measurement INNER JOIN (SelectedLocations INNER JOIN (SelectedComponents INNER JOIN ((ChannelInformation INNER JOIN ((Samples INNER JOIN (Data INNER JOIN DataDescription ON Data.DescriptionID = DataDescription.DescriptionID) ON (Samples.WorklistID = Data.WorklistID) AND (Samples.SampleID = Data.SampleID) AND (Samples.MeasurementID = Data.MeasurementID)) INNER JOIN Components ON Data.ComponentID = Components.ComponentID) ON (ChannelInformation.ComponentID = Components.ComponentID) AND (ChannelInformation.Channel = Data.Channel)) INNER JOIN Units ON Data.UnitID = Units.UnitID) ON (SelectedComponents.Testcode = ChannelInformation.Testcode) AND (SelectedComponents.Method = ChannelInformation.Method) AND (SelectedComponents.Channel = ChannelInformation.Channel) AND (SelectedComponents.ComponentID = ChannelInformation.ComponentID)) ON SelectedLocations.Location = Samples.Location) ON Measurement.MeasurementID = Data.MeasurementID) ON (worklist.MeasurementID = Data.MeasurementID) AND (worklist.WorklistID = Data.WorklistID)

WHERE (((Measurement.Testcode)="w418lcms") AND ((Measurement.Method)="PP-LCMS") AND ((DataDescription.DescriptionID)=1))

ORDER BY SelectedComponents.RapportageVolgorde, SelectedComponents.Channel, worklist.Worklist, Samples.SampleName;
However when i edit the query with the access query builder, just do ANYTHING and revert the change (i.e. add 1 character tot the sql string and remove it) OR just simply save the query again after changing nothing it doesent give the error and works fine.

Can anybody tell me what is causing this?

Access version:
2000, 9.0.3821 SR-1 NL