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    Unanswered: Very interesting linking question

    I have redesigned Microsoft’s “Students and Classes sample” DB to fit my needs.

    The DB has now only 3 tables, Classes, Student & Classes, and Student

    Each Class can have multiple Students
    Each Student can be assigned to multiple Classes

    (Some of my business structures)
    Every Student that brings other Students will get an award for each Student.
    (Just believe it) 2 Students can bring the same Student and both will get the award

    The Student that was brought in by the first Student, does not have to be a member of any class. However, He/She will be stored on the same Student table.

    Now, I need a report that prints the class and all It’s students
    Underneath each Student, I need a sub report (Or any other way) that shows the name of all Students brought in by the current Student.

    The question is, how can identify which Student was brought in by the first Student?
    Do I have to add more fields or tables?

    I have attached my sample DB so you can take a look of what we are talking.


    Even if that’s not possible, I would appreciate any replies

    As you understand, that this is not my real business DB. However, with this sample it’s much easer to describe my problem.
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    I assume that by "first Student" you mean the first (of at most? two) student that brought in a particular student. Clearly in order to retrieve that information it must be input and I don't see where you do that. How about adding to the student table two fields - one for the ID of the first student and another for the ID of the second? And I'm curious as to why it matters who is the "first Student" if both receive the award.

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    Hi Everyone
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    You are right.
    I made a typing error

    My original Quote
    """The question is, how can identify which Student was brought in by the first Student?"""

    Should be changed to
    """The question is, how can identify which Student was brought in by the CURRENT Student?"""

    I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks again

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