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Thread: vbscript arrays

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    Unanswered: vbscript arrays

    i create an array from the split function. then, i can perform LBound and UBound on this new array. suppose i get 0 and 1 as LBound and UBound values.

    my problem is that i can loop through the array using For Each but i cannot access every element directly using array(0) or array(1).

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    If you could, please post some of your code where you are splitting and trying to loop through the array. That would help us to help you.

    As a stab in the dark though...
    txtString = "This,is,my,string"
    myarray = split(txtString, ",")

    for x = lbound(myarray) to ubound(myarray)
    response.write myarray(x) & "<BR>"

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    thanks for the help

    the problem was actually that the split function seemed to be failing when i had strings with special chars

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