Hello all,

I have a Windows XP Home edition at my home and Windows 2000 at work. I recently set up a VPN in my home PC to access the internal pages of my office at home. Now I want to see my mails at home that are delivered to office Mailbox.

I want to add Microsoft Exchange server ROC04... and Mailbox "xxx.xxxx" to my home PC. but when I go for the properties of Outlook, I could only see General and Shortcut tabs as opposed to Services, Addresses and delivery tabs in my Ofiice PC.
As far as I know to add a Mailbox to Outlook I should goto Properties of Outlook. Select service tab, select Microsoft Excange Server->properties and in the Advance tab add the Mailbox. But, I couldnot see any of these options while I was trying to add the mailbox. Please advise.

Is it something to do with the XP Home edition, or my home PC doesnot have Microsoft Exchange server on it?

Please help me,