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    Question Unanswered: Relational Design

    I have a database with 3 tables in a many to many relationship.


    I created the third table to hold the employeerenewal dates, I did this because I cant have repeating vaules in the primary table. I am just making sure that my course of action is the correct one. The purpose of the Employeerenewals is to give the users an indication that a certain renewal has been processed, because in the past there was several hundred that were not processed. The problem was that the users had no way of knowing this. What I was thinking was having the primary table calculate a renewal date based off the finalsuit and show the results in the Employeerenewals with a yes of no drop down. Now the yes or no drop down box will be give the users their red flag if the renewals have been processed or not.

    Does that make sense??

    Thanks guys

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    3 tables in a many to many relationship all related to 'Employee'? Does the table EmployeeRenewal hold anything else other than someID, refID (license?) and a yes/no? Personally, I don't think there is such a thing as 'the correct course of action'; there's just a lot of courses that either work, don't work or somewhere in between (sometimes work). Anyway, how does the solution work so far?

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