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    Unanswered: Multiple combo boxes for seachind access database

    Hello everyone,
    I m a beginer and I m stuck I want some solution to my question. I am wokrin in VB 6 and Access. I want to use 3 combo boxes for searchig the database. For e.g First Name (Combo1) Last Name(combo2) and Date of Birth(Combo3) and a text box. For eg I write id in text box and select thecombo boxes option as given above and then i want it to start searhing. I want the easiest way to start searching my database. Please reply me soon

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    searching from comboboxes

    can you please try to be a little more specific? I think if you are doing searches, you'd probably be using textboxes, no?

    Comboboxes would give you choices from a table or query.. and you could select from there, but i'm not sure why you'd have combo boxes for these items per say...

    But I see this happening two ways...
    with combo boxes you could create a combobox with all the information as listed above (first/last names and date of birth), and then you can search based on the index of that combobox.

    I'm new too, but I think I could help you out... whats the main focus of your question? How to create the comboboxes, how to query from the combo box?

    Ultimately - what do you want to happen and why?

    IE> I would like my users to select a users record based on verifying their first & last names, and their matching birthday, then I'll search the database to see if they have any records...

    I would like my users to be able to enter, last name, first name, or date of birth, to search the database to see if they have any records...

    thanks! :-) the more info the better.... I'm sure we can get through this, I've found this board to be more than helpful!
    -Matt H-

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    Thanx for the reply

    Actually i want to to search forn the table and I want my user to search in a table easily with many options For e.e if he want to searc some user whose info is like this

    id - First Name - Last Name - Age - Date of Birth - Nationality - city

    1 - Ali - Jawahir - 23 - 17th-Aug-2004 - Pkaistani - karachi

    Now if any one wanna search Ali in the table I wanna give options like he can search it by using multiple feilds for e.g he wanna searh ali He can search ali thru his first name + last name + age + Date of Birth or simply thru his id or thru 2 options first name + id etc like this . So I want mu user to search aliu in waht ever the way he wants to search. + one more thing i wanna add is that I want picture to be displyed on my VB form. In access I can see the Pic but in vb i want to his pic to be displyed even afetr seraching.

    Thank You

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