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    Unanswered: SQLAgentMail woes!

    Trying to get my jobs to send mail when job fails. Should be easy but it's giving me headache

    Had a whole slew of issues. Outlook is installed with a n outlook mail profile set up that can send mail in outlook. I can create a SendMail DTS and execute it to send mail

    Email works in these scenarios
    1. I create a DTS package in SQL Server with just SendMail with the same Profile "ABC" and click Execute and it sends
    2. I can send using Outlook with the same profile "ABC"
    3. I can run DTSRun with command prompt calliing the DTS package and it sends fine

    However it wont send in these 3 scenarios (where I need it!):

    1. I go to Operator, and put my Profile "ABC" in the Email Name, click Test and I get this error "Error 22022: SQLServerAgent Error: The SQLSErverAgent mails ession is not running; check the mail profile and/or the SQLServerAgent service startup account in the SQLSErverAGent Properties
    sQLServer Agent is running

    2. If I add the DTS Package "EmailTest" to one of my jobs as a step to go to if the 1st step fails, nothing gets sent

    3. In JObs -- Notificatioin, If I set the E-maill operator to my operator, nothing gets sent

    I set the Mail Profile to the Mail Profile (in SQL Server AGent' properties)
    However when I click Test, I get this error:
    Error 0: Cannot load the DLL sqlmap70.dll, or one of the DLLs it references

    I am using
    SQLServer Version 8.00.194,
    OS Windows 2003


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    The following article from Microsoft might help:;Q315886#1

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