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Thread: Patching issues

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    Unanswered: Patching issues

    Iam developing some application in VB for archiving CD's and I implement Update in my app.
    this is the way how I ment to do it...

    I have compiled version of my old app, and in some time I made a little changes, but I haven't delete anything from it, just added new controls in it... I need to create a program that compare two files (the old app and new one, fresh compiled with its changes) and stores the compare result somewhere in file, then I need to have another app for patching that compare results in that old version of app...
    my question is how to do this...

    I don't expect that you write these apps for me, but to tell me where I can find tutorial for that or something like this...

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    Your requirement can be solved. You can create the application in 2 layers. One standard exe and a Dll project. Shift the parts that may change in future to the dll project. From the exe project create the instance of objects from the dll project and manipulate. In later if you want to change any thing, do the changes in the dll project and register that dll using a small patch program.
    Plan the project first. Try to implement the thing using DLLs

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    yes, I know about that, but I prefer something like I wrote or some tutorial for patchin i VB...
    I need this becouse I need this patching for small adding in my app witch can't be done with DLL's...
    tnx any way...

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