I have a simple database with 2 tables and many queries which is used to keep track of lab equipment. One of the tables has employees and the other table has the lab equipment and their status (if it is broke/out/lost who has it..etc)

Currently I am simply using a Data Access Page made directly in Access to modify the contents of the equipment table, this table never grows - only some of the fields change for the various status changes of the equipment.

What I am looking to do is somehow keep a history of each of these status changes...I do not care how this is done, I just need to know how to do it any way at all. I want it to basically do this when I hit the save button on the data access page (which is set to a data entry page). Can I get it to save to the table I use now and also append to a different table at the same time? Or how about save to the current table and output to an excel file which simply grows so my DB doesn't get any larger?