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    Unanswered: Syntax for Report

    I am hoping someone could answer this question. I have a form that has a combobox, cboStoreName, that isn't linked to any tables, tblStore. It just has an autonumber and a corresponding data. I am going to print the contents of this form so I designed a report. However, when the report prints, the txtStore prints a number rather than the store name. I am getting a 5 rather than "Jill's Flower Power"

    In the control source of txtStoreName, I entered the following
    =tblStore!StoreName but a parameter pops up when I open the report.
    Many question is, How can I get the name of the store to display (print)?

    Thank you,
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    You need to bind your combo box to the 2nd column. It sounded like you combo box had two columns. One for the number and one for the store. The bound column is what will get printed on your report.

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