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    I have an employee database and have always used the social security number as the Primary Key. I want to change the primary key to be a automatically generated "Employee ID". I am unsure how to have access automatically generate an employee id, based on the year of hire and the employees first and last initial. Please advise if you know how. Thank you!!

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    You would have to concatenate three strings together, autonumber, hire date, first and last.

    Seems like you may want the autonumber to really be the primary key since the user normally isn't exposed to the primary key. Then you can build this Employee ID via the string functions and store it in the table as the Employee ID.

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    Unless you have an exceptionally good reason to use your proposed schema, I would say you're much better off using an aribtrary auto-number field here.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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