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    Question Unanswered: Making a report with two printed columns

    Does anyone out there know how to make just the detail section of a report print out the details in 2 columns (newspaper type columns, not the type of column in Access). Ideally I would like the detail section to alternate first the left column, then the right column, then the next row of the left column, etc. Right now I use a subform with the page setup set to 2 columns, but it gives me the "Some data may not be displayed . . . " error message box before allowing the Report to Print Preview. I suppose if anyone out there knows how to suppress that error then that would be very helpful too. Thank you in advance for your time and your responses.

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    I think you can print the report in newspaper style using its columns. while designing the layout of your report see if under page setup --> columns --> column layout

    choose down, then accross instead of accross, then down.

    or else with your sub-form showing the error message you just need to adjust the page margins or width of either the controls on the sub-form or width of the form itself with in the range of your page margin width and that error should be resolved.

    - Saqib

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