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    Unhappy Unanswered: can't get to access database..why?

    hi..i'm a newbie and i need some help in mysql. i'm using mysql in redhat linux 9.

    i have created a database inside mysql

    however, when i logged into mysql as snort, i cannot access the snort database. why is it so?

    plz help ...

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    Most likely user snort has no access rights on the database. Try to use the Grant statement ot give user snort some rights over the database tables!

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    I had grant priviliges to the snort user.

    Host = localhost
    User = snort
    Password = snort
    Select_priv = Y
    Insert_priv = Y
    Update_priv = Y
    Delete_priv = Y
    Create_priv = Y
    Drop_priv = Y
    Reload_priv = Y
    Shutdown_priv = Y
    Process_priv = Y
    File_priv = Y
    Grant_priv = Y
    References_priv = Y
    Index_priv = Y
    Alter_priv = Y

    but i'm not sure if the privileges i granted was relevant or not.

    when i logged into mysql as snort user, it shows
    #mysql -u snort
    mysql> use snort
    ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: '@localhost' to database 'snort'

    i wondered if there's still other privileges that i havn't grant and i need to grant them?

    thanx for helping ...

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    When granting privileges I find it easier to use the grant command rather than a direct table edit.
    you need to check the exact syntax in the help or manual pages but I think its something like ....
    grant <privileges> on <database> to <user>.<host> indentified by <password>;

    then you need to issue the "flush privileges;" command to force a reload of the security policies

    this is not secure or reccomended for a production server but as and example

    grant all on *.* to snort.% identified by 'snortpass';
    flush privileges;

    this grants all privileges to user snort from any host where snort is using a password of snortpass

    You may need to add some single quotes around the, note use % as a wildcard

    alternatively you could use

    grant all on <table>.<database> to snort.localhost identified by 'snortpass';

    remember the 'flush privileges;'

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    well i did grant the privileges using the statement below
    grant all on *.* to 'snort'@'localhost' identified by 'snort';

    but i did not type "flush privileges;"
    i guess that's where i went wrong

    thanx for all the help !!!
    i manage to log in mysql as snort user now ...

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