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    Unanswered: Problem in login from client

    Hello Oracle DBAs,
    I've created 4 databases(say A,B,C,D) on 4 diskpartitions(say /d1,/d2,/d3,/d4) on single ORACLE_HOME(/d1) on Linux AS 2.3.

    All the 4 databases are up and running from the local machine(i.e. server).
    But when I try to login from the client machine 3 out of 4 DBs gives me the following error.

    ORA-01034 : ORACLE not available.
    ORA-27123 : unable to attach to shared memory segment.
    Linux Error : 13 : Permission denied.

    The one DB from which partition I start the listener(Using LSNRCTL) ,is getting connected properly(either A or B or C or D).

    Other 3 databases giving me the above error stmt.

    tnsnames.ora configuration is fine.
    I checked and set the shmmax,shmall to max(2gb) and shared_pool_size to min.(small).
    when I start all 4 DBs from server, lsnrctl>status show the status ready....etc.,without errors.

    How do I login from the client machine.?
    Do I have to add ports to listerner.ora file..!
    Please help me in resolving the problem
    Thanking you.

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    Post your listerner.ora (server) and tnsnames.ora (client) files
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