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    I am converting an Accounts program which I have wrote in Access 2000. I have managed to convert all the forms ok but I am struggling connecting to the data. I am connecting to the access database using a connection string which works fine. On my main accounts form in access I used a query named 'ao4' which had 5 tables linked. The form works if I use the access query in vb but it takes 5 minutes to load!. Does anyone know of a better way to get at the data. ( I have tried saving the query as sql and pasting it in to the record source but I get an error).
    Can any one help?????????


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    try creating a view or query in Access with parameters and invoke it from VB
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    For some reason, MS overlooked database connectivity from within Visual Basic when they made Access 2000. To use the databases in VB, you need to convert them to Access 97 from the Tools menu in Access. Either that or use the latest version which works too.

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