I am trying to build a drillthrough expression that excludes one or more members - e.g. this statement works:
WHERE ( [Category].[All Category].[HIGH], [Service].[All Service].[IT], [ArrivalTime].[All ArrivalTime].[2004].[Quarter 4])

what I want to do though is exclude (e.g.) [ArrivalTime].[All ArrivalTime].[2004].[Quarter 4].[October] (and possibly have mutlitple members to exclude.)

I have searched this very helpful forum but have been unsuccessful at finding any DRILLTHROUGH examples that would point me in the right direction - I am not even sure this is doable as I read that a WHERE has to resolve to a single tuple ?

I am using the DRILLTHROUGH statement as the DataMember on a Pivottable so I can a simple table of the records I'm after.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me....