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    Unanswered: information integrator problem

    I am testing Information Integrator on my laptop.
    db2 ver 8.2 on redhat 9.1 and oracle 9i are on the same box.

    The steps I already did are

    1. First I installed db2 ver8 base ese.
    2. Fixpaked it to 5.
    3. Installed II only 8.1, fixpaks again. run the djxlink shell scripts
    . It successfully created the shared library.
    4. Fixpak the whole installation to 7 or 8.2 and again created the
    the shared library.
    5. The documentation said for linux you need to create wrapper
    using library
    when I use the command create wrapper testo library ''

    I got error sqlcode -10010
    sqlstate 42724

    But when I ran create wrapper NET8 , it loads the library , successfully.

    I checked the permissions on the library, connectivity through sqlplus
    also have set the Oracle environment in db2dj.ini file.

    I created the server using the other wrapper.

    When I used that commands

    db2 set passthru <wrapper_name>
    db2 select * from sys.all_uers

    My whole instance crashed with all sorts of core files and messages

    Any body has any idea, what is going on.



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    I recently did the similar installation on AIX from DB2 V8 FP5 to FP7 and everything seems to be working fine. You did not mention this but you need to create db2dj.ini file under $INSTHOME/sqllib/cfg directory to specify ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_HOME and TNS_ADMIN parameters.

    Also do this step logged in as root:
    cd /usr/opt/db2_08_01/bin

    Hope this helps.


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