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    Unanswered: Ora-01552:

    I am encoutering some problem when i try to create a rollback segment in one of the tablespaces
    "ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace

    I created a tablespace ROLLBACK1 with space segment management set to MANUAL,becuase earlier i used to get different error
    Ora 30574 cannot create rollback segment in tablespace with AUTO space segment management.

    Now that i have a new tablespace ROLLBACK1 which is set to MANUAL space management why am i unable to create rollback segments?
    If i use SYSTEM table space i am able to create the rollback segments?
    Any help is highly appreciated

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    when starting out with NO rollback, you initially need to create your first
    rollback segment as a system rbs.

    Once that is created, create all your public rollback that you need.

    Once the public rollback are online, then drop the system rollback.

    If you already have public rbs and you want to create more then you are OK.

    If you DO NOT have any public rbs (ie: you dropped them first) then you need
    to create a system rbs, then create your public rbs, then drop the system rbs
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    When you create a new database, a rollback segment is automatically created in the system tablespace. It is VERY bad to continue to use this rollback segment, it causes fragmentation of the system tablespace. Do the following before you do any loading or creating of any other objects.

    1) Make a small public rollback segment in system called SYSTEM01 (for example) and bring it online.
    2) Make a new tablespace call it RBSEG (for example).
    3) Depending on the number of antacipited users, make a number of public rollback segments in RBSEG.
    4) alter the system rollback segment SYSTEM01 to be offline. This is very important.
    5) Continue to build all the other objects.
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    It worked..Thanks a lot for the reply

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