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    Unanswered: Image Control and New Records

    I have a form that has a small image control on it. The user can click a button next to the image to get a file selector dialog box. After selecting an image, its path is stored in the associated table, via a hidden field on the form. The image control is linked via code (it isn't bound) to the filepath in the table. The file that the image control points to is updated in the after update code of the hidden text box.

    To keep the user from having to re-select the same image for a record linked to an image in the previous form, I set up code so that if the record from the previous form is chosen, the image automatically appears in the second form.

    My problem is that if I add a new record on this second form, the image from a previous record carries over to a blank record where the image should be blank. The image control on the second form does not seem to be refreshing when I add a new record. It will only refresh if I go to next or previous record.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    in the "oncurrent" event of your form you can check the record's status:

    if then
    'image is blank
    'image is same as previous

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