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    Unanswered: Designer 6i : Alternate rows of module components


    I would like to know if it is possible to alternate the rows of two module components (block A and block B) which have a key based link between them. (note : A is first and cannot have B as a lookup table)

    Block A : row 1
    Block B : row 1

    Block A : row 2
    Block B : row 2

    Block A : row 3
    Block B : row 3

    Is this layout possible ? How ?

    Thank you for your help,

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    Do you mean that B.1 goes with A.1, B.2 goes with A.2, etc.?

    If so, no: block B can only display records associated with one parent A record at a time.

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    I agree with Tony; but, perhaps you could use some kind of a trick for query purposes (inserts, updates and deletes in table B won't work):

    Create ONLY block A and display fields you need.
    Then create additional control fields that will represent fields you'd like to display from table B and include them into the same, "A" block.
    Populate these fields in a POST-CHANGE trigger (or similar) on key field (the one that links tables A and B).

    Hm ... today my imagination works on a high level, but I'm not sure that everything I imagine can be done in reality

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