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    Unanswered: For/Next (loop) Statement in MSAccess VBA

    I am trying to move an image, the image moves based on different criterias.

    Whenever the stateprov txt box = QC
    move the image control down the screen using top property

    Whenever stateprov txt box = PE move the image control right across positive step value using left property

    Whenever stateprov txt box = NS the image control moves up negative step value using top property

    if there is any other strings for stateprov the image does not move.

    How do I get the image to move only on QC, PE, and NS using a FOR / NEXT statement.

    Thank you very much for your assistance in advance.

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    I would use a Select Case Statement or a If/ElseIf statement on the stateprov txt box change event

    why you want to use a FOR / NEXT statement?
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