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    Unanswered: MS Project--msgbox


    I am creating a msgbox and it will pop-up when MSProject file is opened. there any way I can set up the size of the msgbox? I mean.. fix the size of that pop-up window. Because the size is different on different size screens. I want to set up the size of
    this window because its just moves all the text here and there (the formatting I have for the text it gets mess up).

    Please see attached files:
    FlashWindow is the one I want..
    BadFlash the one when we open up the file on the big screen PC and it mess up all the formatting. (How can I fix it-may be by fixing up the size of the flash window or proer formatting. But I am not sure do we have anything for formatting for the pop-up windows??)

    Your help is urgenlty needed. Thanks in advance
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