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    Unanswered: Order By Group (Ascending Count) CR 10

    This sounds like there is a simple solution, but I can’t find the answer.

    I have a Access DB that contains this data
    [Fruit] [User] [Choice] (This is the field names)
    “Orange” “Jane” “0”
    “Orange” “Bill” “1”
    “Apple” “Jane” “1”
    “Orange” “Rodger” “1”
    “Mango” “Jill” “0”
    “Apple” “Steve” “1”

    1. What I am tiring to do in Crystal Reports is, Group by [Fruit] (This is not a problem)
    2. Sort Ascending by [Fruit] count

    I created a formula that read:
    formula = Count ({TableName.Fruit})
    This returned 6 in all fields
    formula = DistinctCount ({TableName.Fruit })
    This returned 4 in all fields

    What I am trying to get the report to look like is:

    Orange (On top since it has the most)
    Jane 1
    Rodger 1
    Bill 1
    Apple (Next since it has the second most)
    Jane 1
    Steve 1
    Mango (Last since it has the least)
    Jill 1
    Anyone have an idea how to do this?

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    Order By Group (Ascending Count) CR 10

    Never Mind, I figured out the solution

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