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    Unanswered: asp and database relations


    I am building a database front end with asp, and i was wondering if anyone has any examples or ideas on this problem:

    Basicly the database holds information about Documents, people, addresses and veichles. The data input is manual, and the documents are the main entity.

    From the user GUI I would like the users to be able to register a new document and at the same time register or add the other entities that should be linked to the document.

    In a normal VB/C++ application I would have used tabs or similar, but I have not found an ASP friendly solution yet.



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    You could store the values in session variables until the user submits the form. So each click on your "tab" would actually be a submit to the next page which would take the values from the submission and store them in session variables. Then when the users clicks the "save" button, it submits to another page that takes all the values of the session variables and sends them to the db.
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