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    Question Unanswered: A bit new to Access


    I've decided to try and create a database to help out at work. I'm having a few problems, mainly due to never having had any training.

    I'll start by explaining what im hoping to finished DB to do.

    I work for a car finance company. Every few days a large number of vehicle registration documents for Hire cars arrive by post. At the moment we use excell to store the registration and document number and tax date (and a few other less important things) so we know exactly what is filed away. (about 40,000 in total at moment)

    In theory the Registration of the car should be unique but in practice there are overlaps where we still have an old version of a document as the DVLA have replaced it with a new version.

    Also when entering the Information at the end of it i need to know if any of the documents have been requested by anyone by checking against another spreadsheet.

    I tried to jump straight in and figure it out as i went but I now know thats just crazy. Im having trouble understanding the best way to design the sheets/relationships. Have i bitten off more than i can chew or is this actually quite simple once i've got into the swing of things?

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    if you got into to swing, it isn´t very difficult to do. I for my self bought a book called "Inside Out" what has given me a good start ISBN 0-7356-1513-6 by John L. Viescas. Has a good chapter about relationships, and a lot more interesting items.

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