I would be grateful if you could help me with my problem. My problem is once I open database file into table,and I would like to read from first row values and then use them in other columns for results, but my program read first row and then doesn’t append first row, but instead puts values into second row.

Here is the code that I using at the moment

if (Table1->Active) {


float x,sn,y;

while (!(Table1->Eof)){

sn = Table1->Fields->FieldByName("Sample n")->AsFloat;
x = Table1->FieldByName("Input X n")->AsFloat;

Table1->FieldByName("Input C X n")->AsFloat=y;
//would like this value to appear in 1st row
//but creates new second row and place it in there

Table1->Next(); //then count onto second row


Please help