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    Unanswered: Could not find stored procedure 'spc_AddInformation'.

    After designing the database and completing the Java class to enter data into the database, I decided to take it home to work on the other pages for this application. (The data was transferring to the database with no problem at work). I restored the database and brought it home with me to setup it up on my pc at home. I setup the database at home and was able to load the driver and connect to the database but for some reason it can't find the stored procedure. The stored procedure is in the database but for some reason I keep getting this message -

    SQL [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]Could not find stored procedure 'spc_AddInformation'.

    I've worked all day to find the problem but no luck. Can somebody let me know what the problem could be? It's not the code in the Java class because Im connecting to the database and the stored procedure name is correct in the code. What could be the problem? Thank You.

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    Already answered in another forum - due to the login being used on the new server.

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