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    Exclamation Unanswered: Backup problem !!!

    Hello, I have a manufacturing system which uses oracle 9iR2 database and produce much change in data. The backup of this database is what need to be solved.

    In more details:
    The database sits on a RAID5 redundant disk system.
    Providing daily offline backups is essential.
    As the backup of database transactions during the day, too. Mostly the transaction log backup would not placed on the RAID storage the same as the database rather it would saved to another server through the network (using samba or NFS).

    Would you please try to find out what support the oracle 9iR2 provide for this (online/offline backup & transaction log saving)?
    I guess the usage of Oracle Management Server is necessary. Is it allowed to use in the Oracle 9iR2 Standard DB server license?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Use RMAN
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    If you are
    ... Providing daily offline backups...
    then all you have to do is shutdown the database and copy all the datafiles, control files, init.ora and redo logs to a tar or zip file. Then restart.

    If you are running in ARCHIVELOG mode, then I'm with LKBrwn_DBA -- use RMAN.
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