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    Unanswered: Ora-27101 : shared memory realm does not exist


    I'm getting the following errors when I try to connect :

    ORA-01034 : ORACLE not available
    Ora-27101 : shared memory realm does not exist

    When I start my pc oracle does not start up by itself so I go to run -> cmd and type in :

    set oracle_sid = grms
    sqlplus /nolog
    conn system/manager as sysdba

    The database then starts up.

    Problem is I still get the error if I try to connect through Toad or sql*plus.

    My tnsnames is correct. I checked it a few times.

    The funny thing is that if I plug my network cable out, and restart my pc, my oracle starts up by itself and I don't have any problems.

    So that let me think that maybe it is some sort of network problem or security setting. I know an outside contractor came to our company and changed some of the security settings on our network. Closed some of the ports etc. Don't know exactly what. My user belongs to the ORA_DBA group on my pc. Can't find ORA_DBA on the domain. So if I have to add it to the domain - how ?

    My listener is started.

    Do you think this can be the problem? Or am I totally looking at the wrong place? I don't have a lot of network/security knowledge. Does anybody have some suggestions what I must look for. I can contact the guy who changed our security setting, but at this stage I don't even know what to ask him.


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    Your OS would be helpful. Assuming Linux/unix environment, you need to make sure your startup script is in the /etc/init.d directory or at least specified in the rc.local file in order for it to start on boot.

    Having your database start at boot will cure the Shared Realm problem, however, once it is started and you try to connect with TOAD, please post the error message you get with that tool -- I'm guessing it is going to be different now.
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    first: can you tnsping your database when it is up?
    if not, then your tnsnames and listener are not configured correctly

    second: as mentioned above, depending on what level your server boots at
    you need to set up "dbstart"
    keep in mind that the dbstart needs some editing since Oracle does not seem
    to update that script in each version it sends out.
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    How do I start my database at boot ?

    I am working on Windows XP.

    I can tnsping my database.

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    use oradim.exe utility to create a service for your instance

    oradim without parameters shows you all the options

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