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    Unanswered: Sqlplus display problem

    Hi people,

    I need to ouput to printer a select but the problem is that the output is too large so it's very hard to read. I have many varchar(20) fields so sqlplus will display 20 characters long fields out of them, but most of the data inside these varchar(20) fields is actually 10 characters long. Is there a way to tell sql to limit the width of the displayed fields? I don't want to change the datatype just for an output.

    Thanks in advance,

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    use the column command - it's in the sqlplus reference manual (not the sql language guide)
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    Sure there is -- syntax is COL[UMN] <column name> FORMAT <type><length>

    For character based columns, it looks like this:

    COL column1 FORMAT a10;
    SELECT column1
    FROM table1;
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    Thanks guys :-)

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