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    Unanswered: updating master DB with seperate data

    Hey all, Here is what I would like to do.. if any can give some advice or direction with this i would appreciate it.

    We have a "master database" (MS SQL) at our main office. Then a smaller office with only a dial-up connection. Can I have my db application write all the data input to a local DB. Then write something to connect with the master DB, through a Terminal server, etc., and update it with the data from the other smaller db?

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    Well, when you say "master database", I assume you are NOT refering to the "Master" database that manages SQL Server. You don't want to be messing around with that...

    What you are describing is called "Replication", and their are several methods for accomplishing this built into MSSQL 2000. It is a complicated subject. Look up Replication in Books Online to learn more.
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