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    I have a table in a database that has very old and not very relational and I want to create a quick view to show the information in a better way. Let's say that the table has 4 fields : id , child1, child2, child3. I want to create a view from this table that will show two fields: id and child. So, my table currently looks like this:

    id child1 child2 child3

    1 sam bob chris

    and i would like the view to display the information like this......

    id child

    1 sam

    1 bob

    1 chris

    Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance,


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    If your DBMS permits a union view, try:

    create veiw view1
    Select id, child1 child
    from table1
    Select id, child2 child
    from table1
    Select id, child3 child
    from table1;

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