Customer : (PK) CustID type Auto-Number

Category : (PK) CatID type text
CatName text
CustID number

Sub-Category : (PK) SubCatID type text
SCName text
Cost currency

Now with that said, what I need to be done, I'll be controlling this with VB after I get the dbase "built", anyway, this is similar to a scheduled maintenance but it is based on yearly costs only. (ie every 4 years paint etc)

I need some advice on input, and design of the tables I already have. By input I mean, in sequence:

1. Choose customer (or add if need be);
2. Choose category (ie. building(interior or exterior), cabana, clubhouse,etc);
3. Choose sub-category (ie. paint, roof, windows, etc), add cost per subcat;
4. Find all corresponding data by choosing customer name.