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    Question Unanswered: Checking file on the net

    I wanted to be able to check a text file online and based on the contents of that text file, display either "TRUE" or "FALSE". It was suggested that I try the following code:

    Function HttpCall()
    Dim http
    Set http = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    http.Open "GET", "", False
    If http.responseText = "123456" Then
      Me.Text7.Value = "True"
      Me.Text7.Value = "False"
    End If
    Set http = Nothing
    End Function
    I placed the code in a new mode and saved it. On my form, I created a new text box with Control Source "=HttpCall()" and an unbound text box called "Text7". When I open the form, I get "#Name?" instead of "TRUE" or "FALSE" so apparently I referenced the module incorrectly. Anyone have any idea what I might have done wrong?
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