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    Unanswered: how to get larger size data from oracle?

    I need to get about 10M size data from oracle database every time, data was saved in a external file and by reference by Oracle's BFILE.
    I use vc++ 6 , ado and oracle provider for ole db.
    I don't know how to obtain such larger size data and save in a variale of vc.

    thinks for your any helpful advise!

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    Very Large File access using C++ and Oracle BFILE

    You're suffering from the same problem I had - trying to treat a large file as a single piece of data.

    You can not really create a 10MB variable of even allocate that much without some trouble.

    Use using C++ to access an Oracle BFILE (binary file or LOB) is done through the

    The Bfile Class in the Oracle C++ Call Interface library will allow the data to be accessed a piece at an time.

    Read this:

    and (you have to register).

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