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    Unanswered: Write Conflicts Split MUD

    Hi, im hoping for some advice on this, ive been given great advice in the past and hope you can for this one as its driving me mad!

    See attached db in a97, this is a local version of a split database meaning its normally used over a LAN in a multi user environment, however ive imported the tables for you to see.

    Right my problem: Im getting write conflicts intermittently and i have no idea why, i have no locks on any form or the database itself. yet im still getting the "copy to clipboard, save changes, drop changes" msgbox on the odd occasion, i cant recreate the error as its too intermittent, but i was wondering if anyone could have a look at my db and is if anything stands out that would cause this problem

    thank you for your help

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    i have looked at your sample, but not exactly knowing what i was doing i got it once to occure when i used the textbox path. After that i did not happen again, even after restarting the program. maybe a hint where to look.

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    Right i think i know whats happening....

    I have a main form and a sub form

    i have a main table and a sub table

    the main form is creating a record in main table and then the subform is forced to create a record in the sub table (as they are linked)
    now whats happening is the main table is opening the record and then the sub form is being edited (which CAN change values on the main form and thus the main table) so when the record is saved the main table is being edited by the subform and so its saying "do you want to drop, save or copy to clipboard" etc...

    if save changes is pressed the main table is updated and the sub table is updated, which is fine i mean i could just send keys to save changes each time it happens, however i dont want to do this as its a bit bodged, does anyone know of this problem, know of a solution that can help me?

    thank you

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