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    Unanswered: Pagination in ref cursors

    >I need to know is there any way in which i can call only a specific no. of
    >records in a ref cursor.
    >I need to get a large amount of records using a Stored Procedure but i
    >display only 10 records at a time. I give pagination for browsing through
    >the records. But what this does is i have to call the Stored Procedure again
    >and again for every page which loads the entire amount of records resulting
    >in wastage of memory.
    >What i would like is some way in which i can retrieve only ten records using
    >the Stored Proc. and then if i require page 5 then i call the SP to give me
    >records 41-50..
    >Can this be done, if possible, only on the GUI side or will the Sp's have to
    >be modified too.
    >the GUI used is Java, JSP
    >Please help

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    You need to tell the stored procedure which page you want, and how big each page is, and then modify the query like this:
    create or replace procedure myproc 
    (p_page_no in number, p_page_size in number, p_refcur out sys_refcursor)
      open p_refcur for
        select ename, sal from
        ( select ename, sal, rownum rn from
          ( select ename, sal from emp
            order by ename
          where rownum <= p_page_no*p_page_size
        where rn > (p_page_no-1)*p_page_size;

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