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    Unanswered: SIGXFSZ 1382 Error with 4GL

    I am running IDS 9.40.UC1 with 4GL 7.32.UC1 on a Red Hat 7.3 server. We have a large table with 53 million records. One of our developers has written a 4GL program that will delete old records from the table, but before it does it does an unload of the table. While writing the unload we received the following error:

    FORMS statement error number -1382.
    SIGXFSZ received by the process. Exceeded file size limit.

    I have turned on the feature in IDS to allow large chunks and the user running this program has a ulimit of unlimited. So does anyone have a guess as to why we received this error?


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    I think that the error is comming from OS, maybe you can not create a file that big on the partition. try doing unloads in parts to different partitions, maybe that would help (just a thought)

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