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    Unanswered: Ad Rotator Componet

    The ad rotator componet appear randomly an ad link image in according to schedule file but with an impression limit.If we have two ad images with 2 and 8 impressions then the first image (with 2) will appear 2 times in 10 and the second image will appear 8 times in 10.This behavior appear in one page in which refreshed 10 times.Ok.Does this behavor appear in a site with 10 or more pages with an ad rotator in every page?Does the image change in my exploring in site according to the schedule file (2/8 in 10)?

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    I believe it's site global.. so across all the pages this component is loaded from, the first ad will show up 1/5th of the time, the second add will show up 4/5ths of the time...
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